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Your Crypto Users are Your Best Marketers - Here's How to Leverage User-Generated Content Like a Boss

Key highlights:

  • Engage your superfans. Get your most passionate users pumped about your project by running creative content challenges with prizes.
  • Give early access perks and exclusives to top community contributors – this friendly competition will have them generating marketing content non-stop!
  • Make sharing a breeze. Fill your community members’ toolboxes with all the images, widgets, and easy-to-use social assets they need to hype your project up.

When it comes to marketing in the wild world of cryptocurrencies, having users who are passionate enough about your project to promote it themselves can be hugely valuable. After all, who better to spread the word than actual fans and members of the community?

User-generated content (UGC) is any form of content such as videos, images, tweets, blog posts, and more that is created and shared publicly by your actual users – not by you or your marketing team. When leveraged strategically, UGC has massive potential to boost awareness, trust, and positive sentiment around your crypto or blockchain project in a totally organic way.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the most powerful ways to supercharge your UGC strategy and turn your users into a prolific marketing army. Stick around to the end and I’ll also share a secret weapon – partnering with an experienced crypto marketing agency like EmoneyMax that specializes in leveraging community power.

Give Your Users EXCITING Reasons to Create and Share Content

The first step is making sure your community feels sufficiently motivated and equipped to generate buzz on your behalf. People are far more likely to engage in word-of-mouth promotion if they feel genuinely invested in and excited by your project.

Some tried-and-tested tactics to get the content ball rolling include:

  • Launch creative content challenges on social media with prizes for the best tweets, videos, memes, etc that showcase your project. Competition breeds activity!
  • Run exclusive airdrops, giveaways, and perks exclusively for highly engaged community members. Loyalty programs are powerful motivators.
  • Hold exciting live events where passionate superfans can meet in person. Real-world meets foster real online relationships and sharing.
  • Give your most prolific community posters early access to new features, product updates or exclusive reveals before the general public. Recognition fuels motivation.

The key is to make participation feel rewarding and fun rather than like a chore. Give your geo-dispersed community reasons to bond over shared interest in your ecosystem. A little friendly competition or mutual support goes a long way in spurring collaborative UGC creation.

Make It SUPER Easy for Users to Share Content

People are busy! So the easier you make it for your users to generate, customize, and spread the word about your project in their networks, the more fruitful your UGC strategy will be.

Some quick hacks to simplify the sharing process include:

  • Well-stocked project media kits with ready-made, customizable images, GIFs, cover photos, and social headers that fans can freely add their own spin on.
  • Shareable social widgets like buttons to easily tweet or post updates directly from within your website or app experience.
  • Bite-sized, mobile-optimized content snippets optimized for easy re-sharing across platforms like Instagram Stories or Snapchat.
  • Cross-promote top community contributors on your official pages to increase their organic reach as go-to sources of info.
  • Develop sticker packs, hashtags, and memes that foster a distinctive online identity for fans to represent pride in.

Making the spread of self-generated positivity around your project frictionless is key to exponential virality. Give your superfans the creative toolbox and distribution channels to become a prolific homemade marketing machine.

Incentivize and Measure Sharing With Contest Tracking

Taking the time to properly incentivize and track the impact of user-generated marketing campaigns is critical for optimizing your strategy over time. A little inspiration goes a long way.

Some metrics that an experienced crypto marketing agency like EmoneyMax can help measure include:

  • Total number of shares/likes / comments across all UGC posts
  • Engagement rates on top-performing social posts
  • New users or conversions are driven directly from UGC
  • Sentiment analysis of community discussions
  • Media impressions and reach generated by top contributors
  • Traffic sources and geographic origins of new users

Armed with these kinds of actionable insights, you can better recognize top community ambassadors, spot opportunities for improvements and even adjust future incentive structures based on what really gets your users sharing. The “leaderboard” effect of public acknowledgment also fuels healthy competition.

Regular community contests are a fun way to incentivize UGC – awarding prizes for metrics like most shares in a week, or best tutorials/explanations. Creative briefs provide purpose and focus energy. A crypto PR team can help automate tracking to make contest execution turnkey.

Partner With Influencers To Amplify Your Message

While user-generated buzz is inherently grassroots, some top-down amplification from social media influencers within your niche can turbocharge results. An experienced crypto marketing agency can use its unique industry relationships and targeting abilities to help you identify the ideal profiles to partner with.

With the right influencers promoting compelling UGC from superfans within their networks (and ideally creating some original takes of their own), you can expose your project and messaging to totally new audiences at scale. It’s a potent one-two punch of organic and paid promotion working harmoniously together.

Crypto influencers may charge for sponsored posts or campaigns, but there are also affordable ways to partner through giveaways, exclusive early access perks, or collaboration on collectively-branded content. Authenticity and win-win mindsets are key – influencers need to feel your community and vision resonate with their own followers.

Repurpose Top Content For Paid Amplification

Once your users have done the hard work of crafting engaging, sharable content around your project, you can then leverage that UGC for paid social and search marketing efforts too.

An experienced crypto or blockchain agency can advise on ethically repurposing the most popular community-generated videos, profiles, infographics, articles, and other assets to:

  • Promote as sponsored/promoted posts on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • Feature in paid search ad campaigns on Google, Bing, and YouTube.
  • Distribute via targeted influencer outreach and partnerships on behalf of superfans.
  • Amplify exposure further through boosted Telegram and Discord posting.

With the authenticity and social proof inherent to user-generated promotions, these kinds of boosted campaigns can drive exponential reach and credibility at a relatively low cost compared to developing everything in-house. It’s a savvy double-dipping strategy.

In Summary: Turn Users Into An Unstoppable Marketing Force

By cultivating a vibrant community experience and empowering your most engaged members to evangelize for your project publicly, you effectively crowdsource a wide array of free marketing laborers working 24/7 on your behalf. With the right incentives, tools, and social amplification, that user-generated buzz can spread exponentially further than any top-down efforts alone.

Partnering with a seasoned crypto PR agency like EmoneyMax allows you to focus on development while leveraging their battle-tested playbooks for motivating user participation, measuring impact, and turbocharging the influence of your superfans and their UGC online. With the right strategy and execution, you can inspire a prolific grassroots marketing machine that continues promoting autonomously long after any initial campaigns end.

Mastery of user-generated content is one of the most powerful yet underutilized tools in the marketing arsenal of crypto and blockchain businesses today. I hope these tips help you strategically channel the collective passions of your community into viral evangelism for your project – effectively turning your users into your very best marketers. Now go forth and watch your organic reach explode!