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Community  Management  Services

Community  Management  Services

Community  Management  Services

Social network Modding

Do you need mods for Telegram, Reddit, Discord or We can provide mods with crypto knowledge and native in +20 different languages.

Bitcointalk Ann threads

We can fully manage your announcement thread: mods, hypers and graphic design.

Signature campaign

We can manage your signature campaign, managing the budget, creating a list of members and post count of each of them.

The peace of mind of having our moderators taking care of everything.

Our moderators are experienced in group moderation tasks pertaining to all sorts of crypto communities and channels. We can moderate your Telegram and Discord channel and also Twitter, Instagram and various other social and messaging platforms. We work for all kind of crypto projects from DeFi tokens, NFT communities, IEOs and many more sub-sectors. With a wide variety of existing projects under our belt, our moderators were able to help with providing a positive impact on investor sentiment.

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Social Network Mods

What we do:

  • We keep your chat clean, with people who is actually interested in your project, and good vibes.
  • Real-time moderation and bot auto-moderation
  • Ticket support
  • Handling bot raids
  • Chat engagement


  • Engaging into random day-to-day conversations while welcoming new members
  • Community building / public relations – In-depth conversation about project’s roadmap & utilities
  • Prelaunch building – Conducting contests with appropriate announcements as pre-requisites for members to obtain specific role(s) in preparation of prelaunch
  • Weekly games / AMA sessions – Hosting games & events to enhance community building
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Telegram Mods

We are certain to manage and grow your telegram community. The detailed task included:

The detailed task included:

  • Increasing Community Members
  • Know More People About Your Project and boost engagements.
  • Easily Find Out Some Real Honest Investors
  • Quickly Grow Up Your Community.
  • Suggest your platform how grow up rapidly and get upvotes
  • Moderate your group, answer questions and spark up conversations
  • Adding real and active investors from other crypto groups
  • Create custom telegram stickers pack
  • Setup Your Project’s Bot
  • Send Convincing Bulk SMS to targeted audience
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Multiple Languages

Available in English, Chinese (Mandarin), Japanese, Russian, Polish and Nigerian.

Other languages may be available upon request.

Flexible Scheduling

Our moderators are work can accommodate to either part-time or full-time depending on your needs.

BitcoinTalk Forum Screenshot Annoucement threads and Signature Campaign management

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Get your project here:

What we do:

  • Airdrop Campaign
  • Bounty Campaign
  • ANN Thread Design
  • Bitcointalk/Altcointalk Signature Campaign management

What will you get in this service? :

  • Attractive thread design
  • Graphical + textual representation
  • Public sale info addition
  • ANN Thread moderation
  • Right board selection.
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