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As we wrap up the month of May, could it be the calm before the storm in crypto? EmoneyMax has a fresh recap of the previous crypto weekend ready for you. Enjoy!


BTC above $28,000
Over the past week, the top cryptocurrency has not performed well, especially after its latest rejection
of $27,500 on Tuesday. The bears completely dominated the market over the next several days, taking
it to a two-week low of $25,900 on Thursday.
The picture began to change as the business week came to a close, and BTC quickly rallied to $26,000.
It even jumped to almost $27,000 on Saturday, but stopped there first.
However, the bulls secured a more impressive price jump on Sunday morning, taking the cryptocurrency to a multi-day high of $27,300 and over $28,067 on late Sunday evening.

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SOL, VET, ARB, NEAR and SHIB are the current top among large gazebos.

Unlike previous weekends, this one seems to have been more positive for Bitcoin, which peaked above $28,000 on Sunday night.
Altcoins are also trading in the red today. SOL is one of the biggest winners, with a 5% increase helping to make back $20.

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Solana has officially integrated the ChatGPT plugin into their network to better engage and equip users in the Web3 ecosystem. The Solana Foundation has also launched a $10 million AI accelerator program and grant fund.

Ava Labs, the company behind Avalanche, will soon launch AvaCloud, a launch pad that will allow businesses to build code-free blockchain applications.

Matter Labs, the team behind zkSync, has hired a former Activision Blizzard executive to lead growth efforts supporting the use of the zkSync infrastructure in the gaming industry.


Ledger underwent a corruption check amid a response from Ledger Recover, a private key recovery service. In response, Ledger has suspended the service and publicly announced in a letter that it wants to open source and work with the community on these types of decisions in the future.


Strike, the original Bitcoin payment app, has been integrated with Tether, which means it is now possible to transact USDT directly in the app. The move follows Strike’s announcement that it will expand to 65 more markets.
Stablecoin has announced the launch of the first BRC-20 (#USD) stablecoin on the Bitcoin blockchain. Stable intends to take advantage of the growing Bitcoin agenda market to expand its ecosystem.


Solana has become the second most popular NFT blockchain after earning $167 million this month, and the Ordinals protocol played a key role in its rise.
The Swiss-based non-profit Interchain Foundation is working with Bianjie, a blockchain development company, to launch a new interoperable NFT standard (ICS-721) on Cosmos. The new standard will allow users to track and transfer NFTs between blockchains.


PEPE price action leaves traders on the edge of their seats as the flag fills; The price of PEPE (PEPE) is entering the final phase before the final decision is made whether the bulls or the bears will win this poker game. Analyzing the behavior of previous sessions and taking into account the relative strength index (RSI), it seems that the bears will win. Expect a breakout of the green ascending trendline soon and price action towards $0.0010000 if that is indeed the outcome.

Bitcoin Pizza Day Goes Obsolete as Pizza-Style Memecoin Issuers Pull the Rug Out
A Florida developer and early bitcoin miner named Laszlo Hanyecz bought two bitcoin pizzas in 2010, making history and marking a pivotal moment for cryptocurrencies.
Since then, Bitcoin Pizza Day has been celebrated every year on May 22nd. However, scammers lurk even on that day.
In light of this historic event, several nefarious entities sprang into action to defraud unsuspecting investors. Due to investors’ current appetite for risking memecoins, scammers have resorted to creating obscure pizza-related memecoins.

BTCPizza, BPIzza, PizzaDay, and EthPizza are some of the tokens that were discovered to have been created three days before Bitcoin Pizza Day and reportedly gained over $300,000 in market capitalization.
The operator of BPizza suddenly changed the sales tax to 100%, making it impossible for investors to sell. On the other hand, the team behind EthPizza stopped transfers and sales of the token shortly after reaching a market capitalization of $38,000.
Scammers continue to cash in on the memecoin hysteria, and PEPE is the latest sensation that has piqued the interest of many degenerates.

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