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EmoneyMax: In-Depth Crypto News Analysis May 8-14. If you want to read our summary of the previous week, check here.

Bitcoin: market analysis and price trends

Starting with Bitcoin, the world’s leading cryptocurrency, there has been a significant decline in the past week. The price has seen a significant drop of around 9% and is currently trading near $26,500.
This prolonged bearish phase presented numerous challenges for buyers as the downtrend continued unabated. As the bears exerted relentless pressure and continued to rebuff all attempts to push the price towards the $30,000 mark, it eventually resulted in a subsequent avalanche that rocked market sentiment.
As the weekend approached, the Bitcoin price continued to drop, falling below the critical $29,000 level and struggling to get back on track. By Monday night, the price had already dropped significantly
and was hovering precariously around $27,000. While there was a fleeting moment of hope when Bitcoin broke above $28,000 following the release of the Consumer Price Index (CPI) on Wednesday,
the correction turned out to be short-lived. Since then, the cryptocurrency has been stuck in a downward spiral, with a current support level around $26,500.

MEMECOIN: market impact assessment

Aside from Bitcoin, the broader cryptocurrency market has seen significant declines, with a particular focus on meme-based cryptocurrencies.
Among them, PEPE, one of the notable meme coins, has seen an unprecedented drop of over 70% from its all-time high. The drop illustrates the challenges facing market participants, as the total market capitalization has dropped nearly $100 billion in the last seven days and is now around $1.150 billion. Most cryptocurrencies are trading in the red, creating a turbulent environment for investors and traders alike. PEPE’s decline continues to draw attention, albeit for different reasons than last week, prompting a closer look at market dynamics. Unlocking Opportunities for Crypto Projects
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Chili’s chain and other significant developments

In addition to market dynamics, there have been several significant changes in the cryptocurrency space during this period. One such development is the successful launch of the Chiliz mainnet. This Layer 1 and EVM compliant blockchain infrastructure runs on the Proof of Stakened Authority consensus algorithm and specifically targets leading sports brands and decentralized Web3 sports applications (dApps). Using blockchain technology, Chiliz Chain is revolutionizing fan engagement and enabling better interaction and participation in the sports industry.

Another significant highlight is the record transaction volume on the Litecoin network.
On May 10th, the network witnessed an unprecedented increase, with over 584,000 transactions processed, more than double the previous record. This increase in activity shows Litecoin’s growing popularity and adoption, cementing its position as the leading cryptocurrency in the market.

Furthermore, the rising popularity of the BRC-20 token has had a significant impact on the Bitcoin network, leading to record fees.

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