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Top 5 Banner Networks to Drive Conversions in 2023

With so many banner networks to choose from, it can be difficult to determine which offers the best ROI. In this article, we’ll explore the top 5 banner networks crypto marketers should consider in 2023 to supercharge their conversion rates. By carefully selecting where to place banners based on audience demographics and interests, you can drive highly targeted traffic to boost promotions.

Let’s get started!


BuySellAds operates one of the largest affiliate marketing banner networks specific to crypto. With over 4 million monthly visitors, they maintain relationships with top exchanges like Binance, Kucoin, and hundreds of crypto news sites.

This focused approach means your banners will be seen by an extremely receptive audience already interested in digital assets. BuySellAds offers cost-per-click (CPC) and cost-per-thousand-impression (CPM) billing models, with average CPC rates around $0.10-$0.20 depending on placement and reputation.

The highly customizable banners let you A/B test headlines, images, and call-to-action buttons. Analytical reports provide granular data on impressions, clicks, and geo-locations to optimize placements. For crypto projects on a limited budget, BuySellAds unlocked banner sections offer good value while you’re testing creative concepts.

As one of the largest crypto platforms, serves over 33 million monthly users. Their massive global audience traffic makes promotional opportunities within the exchange extremely attractive for banner marketers.

The exchange’s online portal and mobile apps feature prominent leaderboard and sidebar banner placements optimized for clear calls to action. CPM billing starts at $15 with guaranteed impressions, offering better rates than native crypto news sites.

Advanced targeting lets you prioritize regions, device types, and even genders/ages based on pixel tracking. This level of segmentation ensures only the most relevant users see your banners. Customer support is also highly responsive.

For new crypto and NFT launches,’s massive pre-existing communities provide a prime testing ground before bigger marketing budgets. Their widespread brand recognition boosts the authority of any project advertised.


As the leading cryptocurrency listings and data site, CoinMarketCap reaches over 50 million monthly users- many of whom research new projects. Their banner placements witness millions of impressions each month from informed crypto investors.

In addition to standard IAB-sized banners, CoinMarketCap offers unique full-page premium placements. These large canvases give space to tell your project story with video or graphics. CPM rates begin around $15 but can vary based on placement prominence and package duration.

Experienced crypto marketers consider CoinMarketCap essential for raising awareness, especially around new listings and product announcements. Their readers trust the site as a credible information source, transferring that reputation to promoted projects.

The analytics tool lets you slice impression data by country, device, and more. This level of transparency maximizes ROI through ongoing optimization. CoinMarketCap remains a go-to choice for any campaign intended to build long-term brand recognition.

Brave Browser

While less crypto-focused than the previous networks, the privacy-oriented Brave browser has gained popularity among digital nomads and crypto enthusiasts for its built-in ad-blocking. With 30 million active monthly users, it represents a sizable pool of potential customers.

Brave features non-intrusive notifications and sidebar banners that gently promote brands without disrupting the browsing experience. Pay-per-click billing makes costs highly predictable versus CPM models. Average eCPM rates range from $5-$10 depending on creative formats and audience targeting.

Their granular targeting options let you hone in on crypto-related search terms and sites and maximize relevance. Advanced filters segment by country, device, and browser attributes. Remarketing pixels then retarget past visitors.

For direct-to-consumer crypto brands, Brave presents a unique avenue to build long-term loyalty from within a private, secure browsing environment their demographic appreciates. It provides steady opt-in traffic without the churn of social platforms.


While primarily known as a social discussion site, Reddit hosts numerous cryptocurrency-focused forums collectively reaching millions of enthusiasts each month. These subreddits offer two banner placements highly coveted by project marketers.

Sidebar leaderboard banners command premium CPM rates of around $50 but saturate readers browsing the forums all day. Slightly lower-positioned sticky banner slots along subreddit mastheads are seen for $30 CPM.

Both options provide outstanding long-tail reach to some of the most engaged crypto communities online. Their discussions influence lending decisions across exchanges globally.

Top promo agencies like EmoneyMax coordinate strategic Reddit campaigns. This includes banner placements paired with moderated forum discussions to build initial hype and then long-term conversation. Matched with quality social listening, the right Reddit strategy drives real organic growth.

Carefully selecting from these top 5 banner networks lets crypto brands maximize the impact of paid promotions through highly targeted, quality traffic. Well-crafted campaigns employing multiple channels in synergy produce the best conversion results. With constant testing and iteration, the sky is the limit for driving adoption.

No matter your budget, these options ensure cost-effective exposure to crypto-savvy audiences already researching projects and exchanges. Top marketers like EmoneyMax deliver phenomenal results for their clients through expertise in allocating budgets across such high-impact platforms. Your next campaign is just a message away.