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With its potential to disrupt traditional financial systems, the rise of cryptocurrencies has undoubtedly been one of the most significant phenomena of the 21st century.  Emoneymax welcome back to a new week! 

BTC at $29,000

About a week ago, the top cryptocurrency attempted to break above $30,300 but failed, dropping to nearly $29,000. Despite this, Bitcoin recovered and fluctuated between $29,000 and $29,700 for almost a week. The increase in interest rates by the US central bank did not generate significant volatility. Over the past 48 hours, BTC has fluctuated between $29,300 and $29,400 with a market capitalization of just under $570 billion, but its hold on altcoins has weakened over the past week.
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FTX and Genesis Finally Agree on Principle

FTX and Genesis, both bankrupt companies, reached an interim agreement to resolve their legal dispute. Previously, each company claimed that the other owed them money. However, their lawyers wrote to bankruptcy judge Sean Lane, informing him of the settlement without disclosing specific details. 


Following news of the launch of the Shibarium beta project, the value of the largest native token, SHIB, rose 5% yesterday and another 4.5% today. As such, it is now the second-largest meme coin above $0.0000085.

Speaking of meme coins, OG is also up today, up over 3%. DOGE is up 11% for the week since Elon Musk’s recent engagement and is trading at $0.08.

Uniswap and Litecoin are the other notable gainers for higher-cap alternatives, with gains of 5.5% and 4% respectively.
Optimism was more reflected in the top 100 alt. The OP is now up just over 6% to hit $1.6.

AI Tokens hit their lowest weekly trading volume since January;
Artificial intelligence (AI) is all the rage thanks to the success of OpenAI’s ChatGPT, which has taken spatial conversations to a new level. Several AI-related crypto tokens have recently emerged to capture investors’ imaginations in a dull market.
However, after the initial gains, these assets suffered a significant deterioration. 

Here you will find out how many cryptocurrencies Ukraine acquired to fight against Russia;
Supporters in war-torn Ukraine has reportedly donated over $225 million worth of cryptocurrency to the country in its fight against Russia.
Notable companies and individuals who are part of the digital asset industry, such as the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, Binance, and Tron founder Justin Sun, have also contributed to the country’s efforts.

Novogratz advises investors to buy Bitcoin as federal interest rates rise
Cryptocurrency investor and Galaxy Digital CEO Mike Novogratz told his followers on Wednesday to “buy BTC” in response to the U.S. government’s growing interest burden on its national debt.
For some analysts, the trend suggests the Federal Reserve will be forced to cut its benchmark rate again if the federal government can no longer keep up.
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Binance Seeks the official removal of CFTC Case
A few days ago, Binance’s legal team announced that it would continue to dismiss the CFTC’s lawsuit against it, following similar actions by Coinbase and Bittrex.
Binance’s main lawsuit has already been filed and is largely based on challenging the CFTC’s jurisdiction because neither the exchange nor the CEO are headquartered or domiciled in the United States.
The document is 49 pages long when annexes and other rules apply, which is much longer than the 15 pages normally allowed for such an application. However, due to the broad scope of the CFTC’s allegations, Binance’s legal team found it necessary to go beyond the usual line.

US presidential candidate Robert Kennedy bought 14 BTC for his children
Robert F. Kennedy Jr., nephew of former US President John F. Kennedy and one of the 2024 presidential candidates – reiterated his support for Bitcoin, saying that he bought two BTC for each of his seven children.
The main digital asset is at the center of his political campaign, with Kennedy pledging to exempt the conversion to the US dollar from the capital gains tax. He also pledged to support the US national currency with “real finite assets” such as gold, silver, platinum, and bitcoin.

Binance Pool is a Bitcoin Cash (BCH) mining service
Binance’s service platform designed to increase miners’ revenue, Binance Pool, has announced the launch of a Bitcoin Cash (BCH) mining service.
The new offer uses the FPPS settlement modality. As part of this change, mining rewards will be automatically credited to users’ wallets at 10 am. m. (UTC) every day.

USDT market cap hits new all-time high – data from IntoTheBlock
The market capitalization of the largest stablecoin, USDT, recently reached an all-time high of $83.76 billion (according to crypto analytics firm IntoTheBlock). However, other data aggregators showed that assets rose well above that level earlier this month.
Stablecoins have been doing really well lately, and USDT continues to dominate the field. 

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