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Bitcoin bounced above $28,000 after UBS agreed to buy Credit Suisse and plunged as the FED raised rates to 0.25%, but improving real estate data and bitcoin option data suggest bulls are on the way, ready for the valid expiration date this week. However, a 25-basis-point increase in interest rates has made Bitcoin volatile.

Bitcoin’s 17.5% surge between March 16-22 surprised options traders betting on price levels below $26,000. The shift came as investors sought protection from continued inflation and an ongoing banking crisis.

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Mastercard partners with the Australian stablecoin platform Stables: As part of the partnership, retail customers in the Asia-Pacific region will be able to use their stablecoins anywhere that accepts Mastercard payments.

The collaboration between Mastercard and Stable includes the development of a digital wallet that exclusively supports stablecoins. The wallet comes with a MasterCard-compatible payment card.

With this payment card, users can convert their digital currencies, especially the stablecoin USD Coin, to fiat currency. This way they can make purchases on the Mastercard network. The payment card will be available on the Ergela mobile application through digital wallets.

Kallan Hogan, head of Fintech at Mastercard Australasia, said the partnership with Stables is a critical step in the adoption of Web3 technology.

Telegram integrates Tether (USDT) payments into the Tron network: Users can now send TRC20 to their Telegram contacts.

Telegram has added a new feature that allows users to send the world’s largest stablecoin, tether (USDT).

USDT works on multiple blockchains, but for now, Telegram has only added support for stablecoins on Tron.

USDT-TRON: TRC20 has been added to the popular messaging app’s wallet feature, according to an update on March 22, expanding payment options for buying and selling cryptocurrencies.

USDT is the third cryptocurrency to join Bitcoin and The Open Network token as a Bot Wallet (TON)-backed asset.

The telegram ad reads:

“You can now buy, trade, and transact P2P with Tether USDT (TRC20). You can also send USDT directly to your friends with no transaction fees.”

The new integration puts Telegram in competition with other social media platforms like Twitter, which has already added support for Bitcoin and Ethereum tips in 2021, along with a partnership with Stripe to add features for USDC stablecoin payments.

The long-awaited Arbitrum token has finally dropped; Ethereum Layer 2 scaling solution Arbitrum has released its long-awaited token airdrop, granting community-wide management rights to the protocol.

The manager’s token, ARB, is trading at $1.38 at the time of writing, significantly lower than when it was launched.

ARB rose to $8.67 each after it was released at 9:05 a.m. before rapidly dropping to nearly $1.00 within an hour, according to data from CoinGeck.

Heavy traffic at the time of the broadcast caused the complaint site to be disabled.

Applications to become arbitrator delegates closed on Wednesday, but those eligible for the airdrop still have 6 months to claim their tokens. “Gas costs will be quite high and the servers will be overloaded,” added Arbitrum.

On Thursday, March 23, 12.75% of the total ARB supply was distributed to individual token holders and DAOs within the Arbitrum ecosystem.

The top three DAOs in distribution were decentralized gaming ecosystem Treasure_DAO ($8M ARB), decentralized exchange GMX ($8M ARB), and Uniswap ($4.3M ARB).

“The hope and intent are that by distributing the Arbitrum DAO, we will be able to distribute the governance power among users, rather than only granting it to those who have qualified for the airdrop,” explained Arbitrum on Tuesday.

The remaining distribution of Arbitrum tokens remains allocated to the DAO Treasury (42.78%), staff and advisors (26.94%), and investors (17.53%).

Prior to the broadcast, traders could exchange IOUs for genuine ARB tokens, which traded for around $6.00 on Wednesday.


Uniswap v3 will be hosted on the Avalanche network. Once implemented, Uniswap will be available on seven different chains.

Uniswap, the leading decentralized exchange by trading volume, will launch its V3 iteration on Avalanche, an Ethereum-backed Layer 1 blockchain with a total locked value of over $1.5 billion.

LayerZero was chosen as the bridge to implement Avalanche because it supports both Ethereum and the Avalanche network. Investors in LayerZero include Uniswap Labs, a16z, and Coinbase.

“The main urgency of this proposal is the upcoming BSL expiration date of April 1.” It’s a suggestion.


Polygon has partnered with the CRM software company Salesforce. Salesforce plans to add NFT customer loyalty program management to its services and will help Polygon Network customers create them.

Customer relationship management (CRM) software company Salesforce has partnered with Layer 2 blockchain platform Polygon to create an innovative loyalty program based on irreplaceable tokens. This new initiative aims to increase customer engagement and reward brand loyalty.

Ryan Wyatt, president of Polygon Labs, said he is excited to partner with a leading CRM vendor. Salesforce will help its customers leverage Polygon with its management platform to help them build token-based loyalty programs, Ryan said.

Terra’s Do Kwon was reportedly detained in Montenegro; After months on the run, news broke on Thursday that Terra’s infamous co-founder had finally been arrested in Montenegro.

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