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With the remarkable rise of Bitcoin and a multitude of altcoins, the crypto market has become a dynamic ecosystem brimming with potential and opportunities. Allow to journey you through the most recent happenings in the crypto universe in the previous week.

BTC tests $31,000 as Bitcoin Cash rises 30%

Positive market sentiment pushed the Bitcoin price above $30,000 for the first time since the 26th.
Bitcoin continued its recovery from mid-June on Friday morning (ET), rising to a one-year high above $31,000 before dropping below that level later in the day.

It’s worth noting that Bitcoin’s dominance, a measure that tracks its share of the rest of the market, has also increased. This means that the top cryptocurrency performs much better compared to altcoins.
Unfortunately for the bulls, they failed to keep the price above $31,000. Sellers stepped in and pushed it below that level, where it is currently trading around the $30,600 level.

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Bitcoin’s surge has influenced other major cryptocurrencies. Ether (ETH) rose 0.5% to $1,901, while AVAX gained nearly 4%. Bitcoin Cash (BCH) surged 30% in 24 hours and over 70% for the week, followed by Bitcoin SV (BSV) with a 21% daily increase. Ethereum Classic (ETC) rose 11.4%. Litecoin (LTC) gained 5.4%, while Maker (MKR) fell 4.6%. SUI, Optimism (OP), Conflux (CFX), and Injective (INJ) decreased by around 3% each. Overall, the market showed positive trends, with various cryptocurrencies performing well.

PEPE Coin continues to impress.
While the market mostly experiences a downtrend, some altcoins defy the volatility. PEPE emerges as the top performer, surging 10% in 24 hours and gaining 70% for the week. KASPA follows with a 9% gain for the second day, and Bitcoin SV (BSV) rises by 8.9%. Conversely, Stacks (STX) drops 8.2%, with FLOW (-7.3%) and ApeCoin (APE) (-6.4%) also declining in the past 24 hours. will Advertise/Shill your crypto with professional native English speakers.

The CryptoPunks NFT Collection Celebrates Six Years:
CryptoPunks, the pioneering collection of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the Ethereum blockchain, marks its sixth anniversary. With over 10,000 digital collectibles, CryptoPunks holds the title of the largest NFT collection by market cap, currently estimated at 806,801 ETH (worth $1.53 billion), according to blockchain analytics firm Nansen.

The Winklevoss twins’ cryptocurrency trading platform promised to refund Staking Pro; 
Gemini simplifies the participation process for customers who face asset reduction due to fines. By leveraging scan nodes, users can deploy assets confidently without technical expertise. Gemini offers reimbursement for certain fines incurred during staking. Staking Pro requires customers to own or purchase a minimum of 32 ETH.

BTC May Thrive Under Kennedy’s Leadership
Robert F. Kennedy Jr., a nephew of former President John F. Kennedy, expressed support for Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency industry. He aims to implement regulations in the United States to assist users with their Bitcoin management. Kennedy’s focus as a potential future US president would be combating money laundering in cryptocurrencies. Meanwhile, Francis Suárez, the Republican mayor of Miami, is also pro-cryptocurrency and has led Bitcoin initiatives in the city. Kennedy criticized central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), viewing them as instruments of financial oppression.

Binance USA Announces Successful Dollar Withdrawal Recovery
Binance US, the US branch of the largest cryptocurrency exchange, is working with banking partners to resolve dollar withdrawal issues. They advise converting US dollars to stablecoins and warn of potential service discontinuation by financial partners. In an official statement on June 23, Binance.US confirmed the successful resolution of most USD withdrawal requests through cooperation with banks. Withdrawal requests from crypto exchanges usually take 5 business days. Users should resubmit canceled withdrawal requests as the system is functioning properly.

A Man Involved in Twitter’s Infamous 2020 Hack Bags a Five-Year Jail Term for Crypto Theft.
Joseph James O’Connor, a British citizen involved in the infamous 2020 Twitter hack, has received a five-year prison sentence for multiple cybercrimes. Convicted by Judge Jed S. Rakoff, O’Connor faced charges related to conspiracy, computer hacking, theft of cryptocurrency through SIM exchange attacks, online stalking, and the compromise of TikTok and Snapchat user accounts. The Office of the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York announced the conviction and highlighted the severity of O’Connor’s actions.

Massive Leakage of ChatGPT Accounts
Last year, over 100,000 compromised ChatGPT accounts were leaked onto the dark web marketplace, according to cybersecurity firm Group-IB. ChatGPT has become an influential AI-based chatbot online, but it has also become a target for hackers. Employees are increasingly using ChatGPT to streamline workflows in various fields, and the platform stores a history of AI question-and-answer interactions. Group-IB’s infographic shows that leaked ChatGPT accounts and credentials were exposed on dark web marketplaces, peaking in May 2023 with over 26,000 accounts leaked.

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