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We can help you to increase people’s interest in your project! EmoneyMax Shill Service provides you with the best services according to your needs. By creating hype and FOMO for your project, you can attract many investors and advertise your project among thousands of others. EmoneyMax Shill Service is the beginning of a big change.

Why do you need EmoneyMax Shill Service?

Social media and their users can have a great impact on your project. For example, in 2010, Bitcoin was a digital currency with few investors! But today, we can see thousands of posts about Bitcoin on social networks every day, and many investors are interested in buying Bitcoin. You can expand and advertise your project in the same way. With EmoneyMax Shill Service, we guarantee to increase people’s interest in your project and ultimately lead many investors to your official resources.

What do we offer?

We have updated and actual lists of Twitter influencers, Reddit boards, Telegram groups, and Discord servers and can advertise your project. If you want to target special communities like NFTs, DEFI, memecoins, Metaverse, Crypto Gaming (play to earn), or anything else, leave it to EmoneyMax Shill Service.

How to start with EmoneyMax Shill Service?

First, you need to contact us through the form or our social media and choose one of the Starter, Advanced or Ultimate plans based on your project needs. Now, depending on your project needs, we set a group of influencers that match your needs. So we will create a group where each person posts proof of their work, like links to posts, conversations, and screens, with some requirements like No copy-pasting, No scheduling, and original comments.

In this way, you can check how our group works and gives us feedback to set everything depending on your project needs. We work 7 days and cover the full 24 hours, and each person has a 4-hour shift. According to our hyping and influencers packages, one person uses at least 2 -3 different accounts and will write from 7 to 9 messages per hour. For example, If you choose to take 8 people and advertise your project only on Telegram and Twitter.

Ratio could look like this:

1st hour: 1 message in main telegram channel + 4 messages in big discussion group telegram + 3 Twitter comments on big Influencer accounts

2nd hour :3 messages in big discussion group telegram + 1 Twitter comment on project main + 4 Twitter comments on big Influencer accounts

3rd & 4th hour: 4 messages in big discussion group telegram + 4 Twitter comments on big Influencer accounts

Everything is based on your project needs!

You can choose Telegram, Discord, Twitter, Reddit, forums, or websites to advertise your project, and we will provide the following services for you:

  • Constant work 24/7 with reports in Real Time.
  • Recognition in the cryptocurrency environment.
  • Increase Community Members.
  • Get real Investors.
  • Increase your Twitter followers.
  • Increase your telegram and discord members.
  • Increase the retweets/reach of your tweets.
  • Boost followers of any social media accounts.
  • Improve data for votes and upvotes.
  • Provide shill posts for Your business/project.

We are with you 24/7

Our team is ready to support you at any time of the day or night. At any time of the day or night, just write what you need in our group, and our team is ready! All our customers know us because of our fast response and availability. Just click on this form and contact us to start EmoneyMax Shill Service.

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