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Promoting your project means increasing people’s interest and ultimately attracting investors! With EmoneyMax Marketing Service, we guarantee to promote your project on both traditional and crypto news sites, including Yahoo Finance, Bloomberg, MarketWatch,, Coin Telegraph, Benzinga, Finanzen, Inside Bitcoins, and more.


EmoneyMax Marketing Service/ Who we are?

Our promotion services team will advertise your project or token. We have partnered with several authoritative blogs to promote your token on major crypto media outlets like, Coin Telegraph, Yahoo Finance, and more. We will use various methods to advertise your project/token, as you can see in the following list:

  • PR.
  • Celebrity endorsements.
  • Content Creation Service.
  • Shilling campaigns.
  • Community Management Services.
  • Trending Services for your ERC or BSC token.
  • Listing Service for your ERC or BSC token.

EmoneyMax Marketing Service/ Community Management

Some of the important things to market your project include creating Social network channels/groups (Like Telegram, Reddit, Discord, Creating Ann threads on forums, and Signature campaigns. So it would be best if you had an expert team for this. With EmoneyMax Marketing Service, there is no need to worry about anything. You can count on us! Our moderators take care of everything.

Social network Modding

If you’ve Social network channels and are looking for mods to work on Telegram, Reddit, Discord,, and other social and messaging platforms. We can provide an experienced team of mods with crypto knowledge that are native in +20 different languages.

Bitcointalk Ann threads

One of the greatest and oldest bitcoin forums is Bitcointalk. So what better place than here to market your project? Creating an Ann thread on this forum can promote your project among Bitcointalk users. To start that, you need mods, hypers, and a graphic designer. We will do it for you! In short, We can fully manage your announcement thread, bounty, airdrop, and signature campaign just click on this form to contact us!

Signature campaigns

The Signature campaign is another way to promote your project among Bitcointalk users. By creating a Signature campaign, You encourage users to join the community and promote your project with each of their posts. To start that, you need EmoneyMax Marketing Service to manage your signature campaign, budget, create a list of members and count posts of each of them.

One of the best EmoneyMax Marketing Services is EmoneyMax Shilling, which helps you to expand your project and attract many investors. We work 7 days during the week, covering a full 24 hours, according to your project needs, each person uses at least 2 -3 different accounts on each platform and writes from 7 to 9 messages per hour. With this service, you can communicate with us 24/7, see how we work, and give us constant feedback. We will create a group where each person will post links to posts/conversations, screens, etc. After that, Quality Managers will check each person’s posts so that we always provide the highest quality for your project.

Our Posts Requirements

  • No copy-pasting.
  • All comments need to be original.
  • No scheduling.
  • Everything needs to be written and reported in real-time.
  • No spam, only HQ comments.
  • All moderated comments in the first 24 hours are reposted again
  • We hire Quality Managers that work 24/7 and provide full reports 2 times a day.
  • Everything from reports like moderated comments and deletions are REPOSTED again.
  • Each Shiller uses at least 3 accounts on each platform.
  • Only experienced people that worked for at least a few projects already.
  • Many additional small requirements like (links, accounts, content, latest news, ANNs…).
  • Bonuses and penalties.

What EmoneyMax Marketing Service offers to promote your project?

  • KOL and famous community promotion (Twitter KOLs shillings, famous community AMAs).
  • Private / Seed Fundraising: VCs and KOLs connection (Exchange VCs, Chronos, DnR labs, Redline DAO, Crypto Differ, TOP 7, Titans venture, Incrypted, Daku…).
  • IDO/listing/NFT sale: Launchpad and exchange connections (Huobi, OKx, Bitmart, Bybit, Kucoin, BSClaunch, Trustpad, Kommunitas…).
  • Promoting your TGE (token generation events), LGE (liquidity gen, even,), IEO, IDO, IPO.

You can start to promote your project right now! If you want any of our EmoneyMax Marketing Services, contact us via this form, and we will answer you as soon as possible.

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